Dear Dr. Heney,

A big thank you to you for your expertise, efforts and tremendous talent to relate to your patient’s problems. You have improved the quality of my life dramatically. With my diagnosis of severe cervical stenosis and two total shoulder replacements, my neck was always achy and sore. For over 20 years I received care at another chiropractor’s office and multiple physical therapy sessions. Since I have been coming to you I know what comfortable feels like. You have the ability to pinpoint the problem and treat it with utmost accuracy. You certainly are a gift to the world. You work so hard and always are pleasant and have a wonderful sense of humor.

Bobbie W., November 2017

I have been a patient of Drs. Jay and Therese for quite a while. Both are extremely knowledgeable in their field but more than that, they exude joy. I am always impressed with the joyful atmosphere that exists throughout the office during each visit. The moment I arrive there is a friendly greeting from Linda or Jen. If either doctor comes out to the front desk, both will greet every patient in the waiting room personally. If you arrive for your appointment in a bad mood, you will leave much happier. The Heneys are a pleasure to experience and my back hasn’t felt this good in years. Thank you, Drs. Jay and Therese.

Mike D., November 2017

I am wheelchair bound due to a traumatic injury. As a result, I experience severe muscle and ligature tightness on a chronic basis. It takes a practitioner with a vast amount of knowledge and skill set to alleviate my discomfort. Dr. Therese uses a variety of healing modalities to reduce my inflammation, muscle tension and pain. I've always been impressed with her ability to "hear" what my body's needs are and resolve my discomfort each and every session. I know there are a lot of people who struggle day to day like I do, and I know how difficult it is to find a gifted practitioner. If you struggle like I do, then you can relate to my challenges. I urge you to try Hanover Chiropractic for your physical challenges, too.

Jen O., December 2016

Over 20 years ago, I had the good fortune to become a patient of Dr. Jay Heney and Dr. Therese Jacobs Heney, and I think of them as the most important part of my health care team. At a time when many health care professionals seem rushed by the demands of the medical system, Jay and Therese continue to provide personalized, expert care, delivered in an unhurried manner, with compassionate understanding, respect, and kindness. They keep growing, learning, and enhancing their already strong skills, to the benefit of their patients. Six years ago, they recognized that I had a serious illness that several physicians did not diagnose. They referred me for the right treatment.

I enthusiastically recommend Hanover Chiropractic Health Care. The relationships I have developed with Drs. Jay and Therese have made a huge difference in the quality of my life.

Linda V. Hewitt, October 2014

I was 46 when I first saw Jay for severe pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. I had scoliosis, frequent headaches, couldn’t stand up straight or walk for long and wasn’t sleeping well. Overweight, working too many hours and getting frequent colds and flu, I was not enjoying life.

Today, at 72, thanks to HCHC I’m pain-free, extremely active, have a more focused, happier life with all functions humming along. I kayak, hike, garden, sleep well, exercise and have maintained a normal weight for several years. Rarely do I get a headache, cold or flu, and take 0 meds. Jay and Therese have taught me to listen to my body, to move intelligently, to make incremental changes, to exercise properly and to seek ways to enjoy my life. I see them before any other provider when I’m a tad out of whack, whether for my skeleton, muscle pain, nutrition question, or stress. They are my trusted, caring, and highly skilled healthcare providers.

Terry Bremer, October 2014

The following words cannot express the gratitude for, nor the professionalism I experience with Hanover Chiropractic Health Care.

In today’s fast-paced world, we rarely encounter a situation that uplifts us. Everything is hectic and our lives are busier than ever. Often with chaos comes injury; often chronic injuries! I have been suffering from chronic back pain for over ten years now and I HONESTLY do not know how I would continue my hectic life without the help and concern from HCHC.

Dr. Jay Heney and Dr. Therese Jacobs-Heney and their staff are truly phenomenal. You can feel the comfort and relaxation as soon as you walk in. The office is calm, peaceful and beautifully decorated. I have personally been experiencing this for over seven years. There have been several times over the span that I was literally unable to walk. With the guidance and expertise of Dr. Jay and his wonderful staff, I constantly rebound from these awful symptoms. This letter is not to make HCHC look better than it is. My first-hand relationship with them means more to ME than anyone’s opinion about this written letter. To put it simply, if you need help with everything from CranioSacral therapy (which my mom receives) to everyday backaches, there is no better healthcare facility around.

There are not enough words to describe how tremendous the entire staff is. From the lovely receptionists to the incredible knowledge that only 29 years of chiropractic experience can offer, the PATIENT is the main concern of everything they do. They never try to push any services on me; never say you need to see me every day. The preconceived notions I once had about chiropractors is forgotten and I owe it all to the staff at HCHC. I now know why they consistently win award after award, year after year! Bottom line, if you are tired of aches and pains and feel that others have let you down, then give HCHC serious consideration. I did SEVEN years ago and I am in the best shape of my life. Thank you HCHC!

-Alan P.

I have had a history of sciatica. I was recently referred to Dr. Jay and I am so thankful my friend told me about him. My low back and leg pain resolved much faster than ever before. Dr. Jay gave me ideas on how to prevent my conditions from reoccurring and exercises to strength the affected area. I am able to get back to living again without pain!

- DS

After having low back surgery that did not give me all the relief I was hoping for, my primary care doctor advised me to see Dr. Jay Heney. Dr. Heney used a technique that has good results for failed back surgery. It is a gentle treatment that really helped take me to the next step. I am back at work and I can deal with my daily challenges much easier. With gratitude.

-Charlie S

I was involved in a rear end collision. I never had experienced whiplash symptoms, but i now know how it can affect one's life. Through chiropractic care with Drs. Jay and Therese, a special neck pillow, and exercises he prescribed, I am feeling great. I also recommend Rini, the massage therapist as she is trained in many massage techniques. Thanks for all your expertise!


I have been seeing Dr. Jay for a few decades at this point for anything from a rotator cuff problem to low back issues. He always seems to get to the cause of the problem asap and helps to keep me up and running!

-Ron S.

Knowing the problems I have had with my back, if it was not for Hanover Chiropractic I really feel I would be in a wheelchair. They keep me active, working and pain free. The pain management they have created for me keeps me sound. Adding techniques like laser and percussor to my treatment have helped to keep inflammation at bay. They let you listen to your own body and don’t pressure you to come when you know you don’t need it. I want them in my life forever! Please don’t ever retire! Thank you!

-Jayne Blasser

Over the years, I had become increasingly disappointed with the Western medicine approach to care and decided to investigate practices with a more holistic style. While researching alternative medicine and therapies for health and well being I discovered CranialSacral Therapy. I sought after a therapist who would care about balance, clarity and wellness in the areas I felt stuck in my physical mental and spiritual well being. I selected Therese and found that after one treatment I felt clear minded and able to move more quickly in my recovery of wholeness and well being. I have been going to Hanover Chiropractic Health off and on for more than 20 years. I put my trust in Therese and after leaving her table and her amazing gentle touch I felt more clear headed and centered. She helped me get on and stay on the right path for me that led to 100% Wellness. I will continue to seek my care from Therese Heney because I trust her knowledge and intuition for my well being.

-Sandy O

I am a massage therapist and I highly recommend the laser and ultrasound therapies! I would not be able to stay in business were it not for the relief I receive from laser and ultrasound, as the nature of my work is very physically demanding. I have also recommended many of my clients for treatments and they have met with great success also. In addition, I also recommend Dr. Therese for craniosacral therapy. My daughter who is special needs, receives this bimonthly and it has made a vast improvement in her cognitive function over the years she has received it.

-Martha S.

I have seen Dr. Jay and Dr. Therese for three years. I was hurting both physically and emotionally and they have helped me to a more healthy and sound body and mind. I would recommend this practice to anyone.


I hurt my back recently and was in constant pain. You were highly recommended by a friend. I am so glad I took their advice to see you. I could not walk for longer than 15 minutes without having to sit down. The pain was excruciating and felt as if a knife was plunged into my back. Your therapy has managed to eliminate my pain. You also recommended an exercise with a “tube” that helps me continue my therapy at home. The welcoming environment in your office is an added plus to your qualifications as an expert in the field of chiropractic health care.


I am so pleased to have found Hanover Chiropractic services. Both Dr. Jay and Dr. Therese are wonderful healers and understanding practitioners. Both doctors have improved the quality of my life since I began seeing them last summer. I would and have recommended them to my friends and family.

-Barbara K.

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